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April 28: Terry Pratchett (1948)

"There is a rumour going around that I have found God," says Pratchett. "I think this is unlikely because I have enough difficulty finding my keys, and there is empirical evidence that they exist."

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This Week in Freethought History (April 21-27)

Read about religion vs. science in “Inherit the Wind,” “In God We Trust” on US coins, Shakespeare and God, churches vs. libraries, godless DNA described, H.C. Bastian, General Grant vs. theocracy, Mary Wollstonecraft vs. sexism and more …

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April 26: Henry Charlton Bastian (1837)

It was on this date, April 26, 1837, that English physiologist and neurologist Henry Charlton Bastian was born in Truro, Cornwall. He graduated with an M.B. from the University of London in 1861. Bastian married in 1866 and eventually produced three sons and a daughter. He was professor of the Principles and Practice of Medicine […]

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This Week in Freethought History (April 14-20)

Read about the churches and slavery, Leonardo da Vinci, Anatole France, the Dark Ages of Pope Benedict III, the creationist film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed,” the Branch Davidian Conflagration, the Columbine Massacre and more …

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This Week in Freethought History (April 7-13)

Read about Francis Xavier, Buddha, musical satirist Tom Lehrer, the ASPCA vs. Christian animal cruelty, the last execution for witchcraft in Germany, Mahavira – the most famous leader of Jainism, Christopher Hitchens and more …

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Cruising with Tacky Art

Arguably a penis is a sex organ and breasts are not. But isn’t it just weird, considering the way the athletes are posed, that their masculinity is missing?

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This Week in Freethought History (March 31-April 6)

Read about René Descartes, Abraham Maslow, Camille Paglia, early environmentalist John Burroughs, comedian David Cross, philosopher Thomas Hobbes, Mormon church founder Joseph Smith and more …

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The "Religion" of Baseball

I’ve heard baseball is a “religion” to some people, but I never thought it was meant LITERALLY! I saw the Orioles, Opening Day, April 5, 2013, defeat the Minnesota Twins 9-5. But… I cannot understand why the Orioles had to turn the 7th inning stretch into a religious observance. The club hired a tenor to […]

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April 4: Raid on the YFZ Ranch (2008)

It was on this date, April 4, 2008, that the raid on the YFZ (“Yearning for Zion”) Ranch, owned by the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS), by Texas Child Protective Services began in Schleicher County, Texas. The largest child protection action in American history, Texas CPS removed hundreds of minor children, […]

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April 4: David Cross (1964)

It was on this date, April 4, 1964, that American actor and stand-up comedian David Cross was born. Known chiefly for his HBO sketch comedy series “Mr. Show,” and his role as Tobias Fünke in the Fox sitcom “Arrested Development,” Cross was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and after an unsettling childhood began performing stand-up comedy […]

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April 5: Thomas Hobbes

Hobbes opposed any positive revealed religion, including Christianity and he was neither the first nor the last freethinker to hide the light of skepticism under the bushel of belief.

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