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Do conservatives want America to become a third world nation?

Lets just say for the moment that in some, not completely impossible, stroke of luck that the American right wingers get EVERYTHING on their platform legislated as law in America. Lets go down the list of some of the main things on their platform first, just so that we are on the same page:
- Absolutely ZERO gun control laws when considering white male conservative christian gun owners. Any other type of person should not have this freedom and the police force should be encouraged to profile these types of people to ensure they are not breaking the law by owning self protection.
- Removal of all civil rights laws when regarding skin color of its citizens other than white males. Only white males should have civil protections. It is the white christian males "duty" to protect white christian females, and to protect them from the burdon of voting and being active in the govt.
- Removal of all civil rights laws when regarding females, especially voting rights. Woman should be protected from govt activism and from working to ensure that the family reamains consistant.
- The shutting down of the EPA, Board of Education, Board of Labor, and all teachers unions. Most of these departments are dominated by females, which in and of itself is a red flag to conservative thinkers.
- The outlawing of, and condemning as communistic, any and all Labor Unions. Labor unions are contrary to the parables of Christ, who explained that the landowners could do anything they wanted with their land and slaves and workers and that any worker who complains about their employer is the same as denying god
- The removal of any minimum wage law.
- The removal of any child labor law. Lets face it, non-rich families are wasting their time educating their children. The non-rich people would be better off putting their children to work.
- The removal of any and ALL govt oversite on ANY business or corporation, unless a business wishes to give un-christian benefits to its employees (such as same sex partner health benefits), in which case a business should be intruded upon by all facets of govt oversite and control..and perhaps even shut down or forced to comply by popular vote.
- The removal of the "lemon test" that ensures our govt remains secular, while instituting a heavy mix of christian evangelical dogma into Federal and local govt...or, as the right wingers ignorantly put it as "Church running the govt, but the govt staying out of the church". How can you mix peanut butter and chocolate, but somehow keep the peanut butter out of the chocolate AND also insist that the chocolate be mixed into the peanut butter?
- Companies/Corporations can drill for oil anywhere regardless of the natural beauty or bounty located in the ground zero these companies guess that oil is located in. In fact, companies can do anything, as long as it is pro-christian dogma.
- The outlawing of any and all religious liberties to anyone other than right wing Christians. Left wing Christians will be tolerated only as long as they remain quiet about their liberalism and live their lives as the right wing christians deem.
- The 100% outlawing of anything and everything homosexual / lesbian / bi-sexual / transgender / crossdressing / sex change operations / sperm banks for the use of any non straight white christian conservative family / etc..
- Outlawing under pain of death any type of sexual freedoms such as condoms, planned parenthood, sex toys, sex education (other than christian approved "abstenance only" programs), pornography, and mixed race sexual relations.
- A blank check for any and all military spending as long as it promotes wars that corporations and conservative christians approve of.
- Conservative Christianity, and ONLY Conservative Christianity, will be taught in all American schools. Biology and all sciences must EXACTLY reflect literalist readings of the King James bible under pain of imprisonment.
- The removal of all social systems, including welfare, unemployment, food stamps, etc. The only welfare system in place should exist to ensure that corporations would thrive tax free.
- Central govt would exist only for 3 functions: Imperialistic Military forces, enforcement of conservative Christianity, and grant giving for certain corporations. Anything more is considered "activism".
- Only rich, white, Christian land owners and corporations should be allowed to be active in voting for Americas leadership. Also that a reinstatement of the "3/5ths" compromise return so that those who own more slaves have a greater vote in the "democratic process". I say "democratic process" in parenthesis because any one who is considered a slave is counted as 3/5ths of a vote to his/her owners interests. That is not a democracy at all.
- State constitutions will be supreme. The federal constitution will be rolled back to its position during December 20, 1860. The supreme court should have rules blocking any membership by non Christian conservatives or non-corporate interest members.
- Expanding of the death penalty to include: Homosexuality, theivery, encouraging non-conservative view points, prostitution, and possibly any non-christian who speaks up about their beliefs publicly, especially around children.
I can keep going and going about this list, but this pretty much is the hard core conservative right wing christian American platform. Of course, not every Christian conservative will agree with bits and pieces of this list, but for the most part they all concur that THIS is not only what they think America is about, but that this list is what they mean when they say that they must "reclaim" America.
Quite frankly it sounds like something that a third world country would have as its governing creed.

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