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May 04

May 4: Thomas Henry Huxley

Thomas Henry Huxley

Huxley invented the term agnostic to describe his view that the mind cannot reach realities beyond the senses. He disdained Christian doctrines.

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Dec 08

December 8: Baron d’Holbach

Baron D'Holbach

Baron D’Holbach (1723) Many men without morals have attacked religion because it was contrary to their inclinations. Many wise men have despised it because it seemed to them ridiculous. Many persons have regarded it with indifference, because they have never felt its true disadvantages. But it is as a citizen that I attack it, because …

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Jun 05

June 5: Adam Smith

Adam Smith

It is generally accepted that Adam Smith was at most a Deist, but considering how close he was to Hume, he may in fact have been an Agnostic.

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