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Stupid Conservative Memes…

“Not Above Criticism”

So much butthurt in so few words! It seems that Charlie Kirk not only proves the point of the original meme in his “answer,” but can’t follow the line of reasoning in it, either.

Not Above Criticism

Allow me to explain—

  • Nobody said the arguments of David Hogg (Emma González is also pictured) are “above criticism” — least of all David Hogg. But nobody gets to mock the students who survived the horrendous massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.
  • That Mr. Hogg “repeatedly insulted the NRA” is true — and taking offense at that proves what a snowflake Charlie Kirk, and by extension the NRA, is.
  • Mr. Hogg never, to my knowledge, “insulted … law-abiding Americans” or even “anybody who support guns” — whatever that means. All he is asking, as far as I can tell, is for grownups to step up and enact sensible gun control, so nobody will ever again have to watch their fellow students, or parents their children, die in a totally preventable hail of gunfire. Seriously, every other modern country has figured this out. What’s wrong with U.S.?
  • “When you enter the public discourse, you open yourself to attacks.” True enough. But my understanding of “discourse” is “communication of thought by words or talk or conversation; that does not include being accused of really being a 25-year-old crisis actor or being ridiculed by Laura Ingraham or being told he’s too immature to understand the Second Amendment or being called a “bully” (how “snowflake” can you get?), or characterizing Hogg as Hitler, or, in the case of Emma González, being called a “skinhead lesbian” or having a Photoshopped (phony) image of her tearing up the Constitution circulated widely — or calling the shooting survivors generally “little oppressors.”
  • None of the student activists has asked those who disagree with them to “shut up”; only to step up, and care more for kids than for guns.

It seems that Charlie Kirk cannot actually answer Mr. Hogg and Ms. González, so he defames them.

And that makes Charlie Kirk a dick.

You’re welcome.

Ronald Bruce Meyer

Our Fearless Leader.

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