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I’m tempted to say “consider the source” here.

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Atheist Bullies!

Yeah: Because we have a secular center on every street corner that never pays property taxes, a majority of legislators in office, both major political parties dominated by atheists, religion-bashing TV shows dominating the airwaves (especially on Sunday morning), atheists shooting Christians, or denying them jobs, adoption or housing, for not sharing their beliefs, US currency has an atheist slogan on it, the Pledge of Allegiance had two words denying God inserted into it in the 1950s, atheists never have to fear for their safety if they declare their nonbelief in public, Christian-owned business are frequently picketed and firebombed by atheists, Congress pays for its atheist chaplain with your tax dollars, atheists frequently visit dying people and try to separate them from their faith—and nobody thinks there is anything wrong with that.

Yeah, atheist bullies...

(Originally posted 6/9/2017)

PS: One commenter suggested that the community should decide. My reply was, no.

“The Freedom From Religion Foundation claims the cross is offensive and it endorses Christianity,” the mayor told me. “We say it’s been there since 1930 and it’s a historical part of our town and our heritage.”

This is the same rationale Southern Civil War sympathizers (that is, traitors and racists) use to justify keeping displays of Confederate flags and statuary: historical heritage. Just because something unjust has been that way for 90 years, it is not for that reason inoculated from being unjust and exclusionary. In addition, the fact that the legislature was unanimous in approving what will become an expensive and unnecessary litigation suggests that anybody in the City of Neosho who might have objected to the display would fear for their safety if they actually did so.

(Added 6/11/2017)

Ronald Bruce Meyer

Our Fearless Leader.

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