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February 18: The first Church of Scientology is established in Los Angeles (1954)

It was on this date, February 18, 1954, that the first Church of Scientology was established in Los Angeles, California. There’s a reason why some of us call the Church of Scientology “Where the Bullies Are”: they are notorious for their aggressive defense – not just of their religion but of their copyrighted holy books. Imagine putting a lock on the book of Genesis and charging a fee to learn how your church thinks the world began! Oh, wait. I think they already do – they just call it an offering. Started by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology grew into a multi-million-dollar business that had to litigate its way to tax exemption. The church is also responsible for the largest theft of US government documents in history and for an opposition to the science of psychiatry that has more than one preventable psychotic murder to its credit. Scientology is the medieval Inquisition, the Jesuits and the Mafia juiced up on science fiction, with thugs at its call and Internet-age mind control at its fingertips. Can you say “cult”?

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Originally published February 2003 by Ronald Bruce Meyer.

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March 11: Douglas Adams

"I am convinced that there is not a god," Douglas Adams said.

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