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The death of Osama bin Laden

May 2, 2011 saw the headline "Osama bin Laden dead" all over the net and newspapers. The operation was successfully carried out by U.S. Navy SEALs, with intelligence support from the Central Intelligence Agency. After positive identification, and within 24 hours of his death, bin Laden's body was taken out to sea for burial.

From the view point of this Bull Moose Progressive, I am VERY happy that this son of a bitch is dead. The right wing of the political spectrum consistently suggests that the left wing of politics is "soft on crime", and that we left wingers support the law breakers over the innocent victims by refusing the death penalty. Strangely enough the right wing also claims that left wingers are Fascists, who started the Nazi party, and therefore are murderers and cut throats. How one can go from "anti-deathpenalty" charges to "holocaust planners" is proof enough that these right wingers have not thought out their definitions clearly. Their "proof"? The Nazi party had the word "socialism" in it. This makes as much sense as someone claiming American Republicans are Communists because the U.S.S.R. has the word "Republic" in it.

It hasnt been 24 hours since the report of this victory for the Obama administration and already the conspiracy theorists are out like mad. Many claiming that Bin Laden really is dead, but that Obama cannot and should not take credit for it, as he rode into the success on the coat tails of Bush. In reality Obama was very vocal about making the capture of Bin Laden a very high key issue of his administration. He has managed to do in 3 years, what Bush could NOT do in 8. You also have the "Obama is faking it" conspiracy theorists who claim that it is "convenient" that no evidence was shown to prove Bin Laden was dead. Apparently, these people want to see a severed head. Lets walk that situation through. If Obama stood on public TV and held up the severed head of Bin Laden, and the public was HAPPY, these conspiracy theorists would claim it was nothing more than a faked head. If Obama held a severed Bin Laden head on national TV and there was national outrage, then the conspiracy theorists would claim Obama is a barbarian, or that he is trying to turn everyone in America and in the world against themselves. You cant make these people happy. And that is the message I am trying to point out.

Obama..stop trying to appease these hard core right wingers. You know, the ones who think Fox news is more than entertainment. The ones who still claim you are not an American. The ones who claim you are a socialist, a Muslim, or the Anti-christ. Please, Obama, ignore these jackasses. They will not be swayed no matter what you do. Even if you were to hand them a gold bar each, they would scream that you were a socialist all the way to the bank and use that money to run corporate stooges against you. Let us start pulling some of our troops back home. This mid east conflict has drained us and piled the debt sky high. Please, for the love of America, let us cut the millitary back now. This is a good goal. Bin Laden is dead. Now use it to shave 15% off of the millitary budget. That would be a good start. Then we can shave 3 to 5% more every year until your second term has ended. The economy will be much better after that. We will no longer be spending and borrowing beyond our means.

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