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Games Conservatives play with words and race

I was running through the Yahoo Buzz today. I know what you may be thinking; "Why would you browse through that low brow commentary troll ground?". Well, I admit, I am addicted to the abuse. Yahoo Buzz is a cess pool of hatred, ignorance, and religious dogma enough to rival right wing rant sites such as Freerepublic, Moonbattery, Stormfront, and Rapture Ready. Anyways, lets get to the comments that caught my eye:

On an article titled; "Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter won't lead SCLC"

Just an American - "being that MLK was a conservative and hopefully she is too, she is probably sick of the mess
the democrats have made of our country and has decided not to fall into the trap and be used by them."

Just reading the above comment reminds me of all the filmed documentation of left wing hippy police officers releasing the dogs onto MLK and his conservative christian Republican followers. Because it is so well known that the Democrats and especially the liberal Kennedy family was violently opposed to the conservative idea of equality for all people, despite color, back in that time frame. One even thinks that it must have been one of those liberal racist hateful hippies who shot MLK and the Kennedy's..because apparently all liberals are hateful, murdering, traitorous, atheist, muslim, rapist, drug dealing, communist, anarchist, Nazi, ..oh who am I kidding. I dont even see how Ann Coulter could keep up this kind of line. Honestly, why would "just an american" wish to equate someone who often is presented as a heroic leader in the history of modern American liberalism to his modern conservative movement...a man who consistantly spoke of social and economic justice? King and the SCLC called on the government to invest in rebuilding America's cities (the same cities that modern conservatives avoid and call "modern Babylons"). He felt that Congress had shown "hostility to the poor" by spending "military funds with alacrity and generosity" (speaking of diverting millitary funds to help the poor is a conservative ideal?). He contrasted this with the situation faced by poor Americans, claiming that Congress had merely provided "poverty funds with miserliness". His vision was for change that was more revolutionary than mere reform: he cited systematic flaws of "racism, poverty, militarism and materialism", and argued that "reconstruction of society itself is the real issue to be faced". Because modern conservatives speak so highly of the black community, and black people in general. Because it was well know that conservatives were against vietnam, and liberals were calling the conservatives "communists" for not wanting to fight. Because obviously the entire ideal of conservativism (meaning to keep old traditions and to fear change) is to obviously and radically change America from top to bottom so that economic and social justice could be reached.

If anything, King was a religious conservative, but not a social or economic conservative.

Enough sarcasm. Honestly, who does "just an American" think he is trying to fool? Well over 90% of black people vote Democrat. Why? Because, unlike the Republican party, democrats actually stand behind black people just as much as any other person. Republicans, on the other hand, merely use blacks as window dressing to tone down claims that they are a racist bunch. Just an American has fallen for party propaganda and I am not sure if he honestly believes what he is saying, or that he is aware of how wrong he is about history, but prefers to lie anyways.

I will end this thread not with my own words, but with the words of Just an American's fellow modern conservatives to show how tight the internal consistency of the right wings ideology is compared to his own:

Happy - "Welfare pimps like Sharpton and Jackson have done nothing but harm blacks in america. Funny how liberals think they own black's allegiance, since it's been their policies that have enslaved millions to a life of handouts, which is exactly what's in mind for us all!"

Morpheous - "I don't blame her for bugging out. I would too. The SCLC is a modern day dinasour. Should have died with MLK."

JB007 - "Financial mismanagement? Gee, what a surprise. Almost every time they put a black in control of funds, finances etc., there's shady stuff going on. I guess them putting a women who is incapable of handling the job in charge was their first mistake."

James - "Maybe the sista so called reverend be didn't want her welfare be cut..."
Won Hung Low - "she no wanne be aunt jemima her rather go work at pop-eyes and get 10% discount on chicken haw haw"

J - "Greed runs that race."

The Big Logic - "SCUM runs it, with greed, and hate for true humans"

MJ - "Absolutely. I think he wanted equal rights for all, instead, it has become a "free for all" for the black community. Heaven forbid we have a white college fund or a white miss america. That would be racisit. Not to mention that we have taken away a holiday meant to celebrate Christ giving his life for us (Easter) because it's more politically correct to celebrate MLK."

Richard - "You have the chairman robbing their own meals on wheels program. Black carry the Curse of Ham, they are moral vacuums. Scary race."

Vic - "King had a dream where he could run his mouth and never work a day in his life and be rich. Sounds like Jesse Jackson doesn't it."

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