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Right wingers defend terrorists sensibilities over our gay enlisted rights.

Because the sensibilities of our terrorist muslim enemies are more important than our gay citizens fighting in the millitary: a look at the right wings willingness to comfort the enemy while fighting against the freedoms of the American soldier at the same time.

This is a compillation of a Yahoo Buzz conversation I had with several right wingers today. I decided to put this together to show how illogical, hateful, and downright anti-american these neo-cons (commonly self titled "tea baggers") can be when speaking their minds. Some even went so far as suggesting that gays be forced into re-education camps. I have many times said that the majority of soviet thought is right wing, and these people take a play out of the book of Stalin just as easily and readily as they would a cherry picked verse from the KJV Bible. The topic was "Senate votes to lift millitary gay ban", and as you will see, the flaming in the forum wasnt from the gays:

-applebaker: "Look at the bright side. Now all of the straight men in uniform know where to aim their friendly fire." (+6 thumbs up at the time)
- donmak: "I was going to join the Army , but I don't want to take the chance of being assigned to a rainbow brigade !"
- Jeremy: "OMG donmak- then we need to hold back the rights and freedoms of millions of American service men and women so that donmak will no longer be upset at gay millitary personel getting rights and freedoms and join the millitary to fight for the rights and freedoms of all Americans! Absolutely nothing hypocritical about donmak at all."
- Savannah "What freedom jeffery? (she called me "jeffery"!!!!) Gays are allowed to serve in the military. I think with everyone knowing they are gay, it will be harder for them. So just to get a victory, you would subject the very people you are PRETENDING to be supporting so that they can be subjected to taunts.(Savannah likes to use child psychology to promote her hard right views. She can take the most innocent and plainly put anti-hate legislation and turn it to where it means the opposite, and therefore you should vote for HER views, unless you want yourself to be hurt by voting your views)
- Jeremy: "No savannah, they are not allowed to serve in the millitary unless they try to live like they arent gay..meaning they have to go through great lengths to hide it...if they make one slip up, like a picture of their lover falling out of their wallet, they can LOSE their military position. So no, that means they are NOT allowed to serve. Straight people, on the other hand, can write down they are married, show up to millitary functions with their wives, husbands, boyfriends, and not even worry one single bit about getting kicked out for it."
- John: "Gay people suck and the majority drop out of high school and have sex with family members and spent lots of time with small animals on a weekly basis."
-bobbo: "No,you're the hater ! If you think homosexuality is normal,you obviously hate God,and what he teaches in the Bible about this "vile sin" !!!!!!!!!!"
- Jeremy: (to bobbo) "Yeah, thats sort of like hating Doctor doom, or hating Dr. Octopus. Yeah, the fictional characters are a bit mean and cruel, but you really dont care one way or another because they are fictional, just like Jesus and God..fictional characters."
- Gunny G: (sporting a gunnery sgt marines badge for an avatar, speaks of his willingness to remove american soldiers rights in order to appease the terrorists, all in the name of protecting our millitary) "You are right bullets don't care but the people behind the bullets do. In Islam homosexuality is a BIG sin puts our boys in danger when the enemy has another cause to kill them besides it seems that gay men have tendency to broadcast their gayness in speech and body movement. Otherwise, how would anyone know they are gay. It's a distraction Tex."
- Jeremy (to gunny g): "SO is drinking alcohol, so is being Christian. I am glad you have pointed that out. Now, for the sake of the "safety and rights" of our servicemen, we must forbid them from being gay, drinking alcohol, or being that would offend our enemy and put soldiers in harms way. In fact, I guess we would need an entirely Muslim army to avoid offending our enemies ..right gunny? Since being anything else will put out soldiers in harms way. I find that funny, a right wing American worried about offending the terrorists...nice try at child only made you look like a dip schit. What a sad exscuse for a gunny..LOL...gunny my arse. Ive met gunny's before, you dont sound like one...a marine worried about the enemies sensibilities? Oh yeah..and eating pork is outlawed in we should ban all pork products to our soldiers fighting in the mid east then huh? Surely you approve, because anything less would put our troops at risk. One soldier may be eating a bacon, lettuce, mater sammich and then *BLAM* wind up getting one of his fellow troops shot by a muslim for offending his we all know...the sensibilities of muslim terrorists are very important to right wingers, especialliy when gays are involved."
- Tuna: (Tuna claims to be gung ho pro America, pro millitary, yet never seems to have anything nice to say about it when it matters most) "Come on thumbs down; love your BIG government DO YOU? Unable to do for yourself? Give me ONE successful government entity; I'm waiting, love that government huh? Where is the government entity that is successful? Come on now, you can do it; THINK; how can I answer his question correctly? You can do it, THINK.

I would say "The Reagun administration?" just to point out how idiotic a direction he has taken this discussion, but I do not think he would appreciate the subtle humor involved.

Turns out Tuna is also a conspiracy theorist..who woulda thunk it?!

-Tuna: "Let them infiltrate the enemy and give them AIDs; whoa,that's it, I figured it out!! The communists (non-conservatives, according to Tuna) want to give the entire military AIDs; that's how they plan to bring down America."
- Gunny: "Charles I think being gay negates masculinity! Masculinity used to mean a man acting in a traditional male role...which used to involve women! Besides if you are gay you don't need a pair of balls...since balls are used to procreate; for gay men they are just for fun."
- Jeremy: "What traditional role? The nuclear family? Because our founding fathers wore dresses, buckles on their shoes, wigs and bows and makeup. Women didnt wear makup in that period. How about ancient greece and rome, were masculinity was the ability to take what you wanted, when you wanted..and the men had sex with whoever they wanted to. Alexander the great laid men and women whenever he felt like it, and that was considered VERY masculine back then. Since when does masculinity include having to be straight? Does that "Bubba" everyone claims to be in jail sound masculine or feminine? Does he ask you apprehensively wether to have sex with him or does he TAKE IT?! Does bubba kick your ass or does he offer you flowers? You homophobes cant get your stereotypes straight (pardon the pun)."
- Bill Wikki: "Even though any normal American knows that gays and lesbos are walking abberrations, let them fight along with mexicans and convicted crimminals, put all these groups on the front lines of every war. If they survive after a 5 year tour of duty, than let them be a reuglar citzen of this Once normal country."
- Jeremy: "...then that would mean that you would owe your freedoms to gays, mexicans, and convicted criminals. Oh wait, you do owe your freedoms to them, as gays and mexicans are fighting right now, and many convicted criminals are given options between jail and war...and they have fought for longer than 5 years. So can they have that citizenship and equality you promised them?"
- bill wikki: "well, actuallt, gays should be sent to reeducation camps, mexicans should be sent back to mexico, and convicted cons should all be on the frontlines, or on mine sweeping duty, or standing a wall facing the chinese."
- Jeremy: "spoken like a true right wing communist. They love re-education camps. The rest of your post makes me dispise you more than ever. What a depraved scum bag you are."
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