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May 26

May 26: Alse Young Executed for Witchcraft

"Trials..." by Cotton Mather

Alse Young (1647): First American Execution for Witchcraft It was on this date, May 26, 1647, that the first witch was hanged in America for the crime of witchcraft. Alse Young was arrested, tried for this capital offense in Windsor, Connecticut, and hanged at Meeting House Square in Hartford, on what is now the site …

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Apr 11

April 11: Last Witch Burning in Germany (1775): Churches v. Witchcraft


Conrad of Marburg, first Inquisitor of Germany, memorably vowed, “We would gladly burn a hundred if just one of them was guilty.”

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Jan 06

January 6: Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc (a rare contemporary portrait)

Since those who believed Joan a witch and those who believed her a messenger of God subscribed to the same superstitions, it is of little consequence whose side is right.

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