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Aug 18

August 18: Superstition Eclipsed

KIng Mongkut

King of Siam’s Eclipse (1868): Churches and Eclipses It was on this date, August 18, 1868, that a total solar eclipse, called the King of Siam’s Eclipse, Saros Series 133, was seen in what is now Thailand. This was during the reign of the very same King Mongkut who figures in the book by Anna …

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Jul 25

July 25: Churches v. Medicine

Guy de Chauliac

Church opposition to surgery, dissection and the study of anatomy slowed the development of medicine.

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Jul 08

July 8: Religion vs. Psychology


Freethinkers such as Voltaire in France and John Locke in England pushed back the night of superstition with the light of reason.

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