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Oct 08

October 8: The Two-faced Jesus

Pope Leo I

The Council of Chalcedon (451) and the Split Personality of Jesus It was on this date, October 8, 451, that the fourth of the first seven Ecumenical Councils in Christianity, the Council of Chalcedon opened. Convoked by Byzantine Emperor Marcian, at the urging of Pope Leo I, over 24 days of sessions the 500 bishops …

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Sep 30

September 30: The Bible, Printed

Johann Gutenberg

Gutenberg and His Bible (1452) It was on this date, September 30, 1452, that the first book printed with moveable metal type came off the press invented by Johann Gutenberg in Mainz, Germany. What we know about Gutenberg is little: he was born about 1400, died 1467 or 1468 at Mainz, and he was a …

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Jul 10

July 10: Religious Bigotry in Geneva

John Calvin

“Calvin was … as nearly like the God of the Old Testament as his health permitted.” – Robert Ingersoll

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