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Oct 31

October 31: The Reformer Priest

This wood engraving from the early 1500s depicts the sale of indulgences. The Pope's bull authorizing the sale hangs on a cross. (Jorg Breu the Elder)

Martin Luther’s Reformation (1517) It was on this date, October 31, 1517, that the Protestant Reformation began in Germany, when 31-year-old Martin Luther posted his 95 theses at Wittenberg Cathedral. That document attacked papal abuses and the sale of offices and indulgences by church officials. Furthermore, Luther argued several other points: • that Christian salvation …

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Jan 27

January 27: Are Indulgences “Sold”?

Sale of Indulgences (circa 1530, woodcut by Jörg Breu the Elder)

one could pay money, get change, and receive a piece of paper with which one got remission of sin. The price is stipulated and there is no indulgence without “alms.” That sounds like a sale.

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