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Feb 05

February 5: The Pseudoscience of Astrology

The Zodiac - a 16th Century Woodcut

Why do people still believe in astrology? People turn to astrology, as they turn to religion, because having the stars guide their lives is a comfort for the faint of heart. But it was always magic.

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Dec 26

December 26: Exorcism

"The Exorcist" film poster

The behaviors of the possessed resemble very closely the behaviors of those with electrochemical, neurochemical or other physical or emotional disorders.

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Dec 15

December 15: Christianity and Law

James Wilson

Just as it was freethinkers who made the world safer for children, decreased crime, ensured the right to divorce, revived education, equalized marriage, and ended slavery and torture; it was freethinkers who revived law and carried it forward to the institution we know today.

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