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Apr 17

April 17: Light on the “Dark Ages”

“We hear that the cleric Hubert … does not scruple to spend his days with actresses … and that he is for ever committing murders and adulteries, vile fornications and intolerable outrages.”

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Sep 03

September 3: How Great Was Gregory?

Pope Gregory I

Gregory the Great (Gregory I) Becomes Pope (590) How Great Was He? It was on this date, September 3, 590, that the son of a wealthy patrician named Gordianus, whose name history does not recall, was made Pope in the Roman Catholic Church. He took the name Gregory and is remembered as Pope St. Gregory …

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Jul 15

July 15: Let God Sort Them Out

Storming Jerusalem

The First Crusade Captures Jerusalem (1099) Then Kills Everyone It was on this date, July 15, 1099, that the First Crusade, or “Campaign of the Cross,” achieved its objective and captured Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulcher. Once the Muslim citizens of Jerusalem lost control of their city, the Crusaders then proceeded, with the zeal of …

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