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Nov 30

November 30: Mark Twain

Mark Twain (Mathew Brady portrait)

“These two gentlemen [Jesus and Satan] have had more influence than all others put together, and 99 percent of it was Satan’s. [And Satan is] worth very nearly a hundred times as much to the business as was the influence of all the rest of the Holy Family put together.”

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Nov 29

November 29: Religious Toleration

Louis XVI

“On no account should the church allow infidels to have power over the faithful or to be set above them in any way. … The church is above the state … kings must be subject to priests.” (Thomas Aquinas)

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Nov 28

November 28: Sir Leslie Stephen

Leslie Stephen about 1860

Stephen said he never lost his faith because he never had any and helped to bring Thomas Henry Huxley’s newly coined word, “agnostic,” into vogue.

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